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Naval Cross (USA)Naval Cross (USA)United States Award - The Naval Cross is intended to honor the United States Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps personnel for particular courage and heroism, fraught with the risk of their lives, and shown during hostilities against the enemy of the United States; during military conflicts with numerically superior armed forces of foreign states; during joint hostilities with allied forces against a common enemy.$6.82
Order "Legion of Honor" USA, 4th degreeOrder "Legion of Honor" USA, 4th degreeThe 4th degree of the Legion of Honor is intended to be awarded exclusively to US military personnel, regardless of military service or rank, but it is most often awarded to senior officers. In appearance, the badge of the order, up to the size, is identical to the officer's degree, with the exception of the absence of a reduced copy of the award on the ribbon.$10.91
Order of the Legion of Merit, USA 1st Class (Chief Commander)Order of the Legion of Merit, USA 1st Class (Chief Commander)The Order of the Legion of Merit, also called the Order of the Legion of Honor, is an American award of World War II, established at its height, in 1942, July 20, in four degrees, although the project of such an award has been considered since 1937.$10.91