Foreign awards of the WWII

Foreign awards of the WWII
American Distinguished Service CrossAmerican Distinguished Service CrossThe US Cross "For Distinguished Service" is awarded to servicemen of the American Army in any rank and position for special courage and heroism, fraught with the risk of life, shown during participation in hostilities against enemy troops in various armed conflicts, including as part of allied forces ... The nomination is made by the Secretary of the US Army during wartime, and in peacetime this function is performed by the Chief of Staff of the US Army.$5.39
American Medal "For Victory in World War II"American Medal "For Victory in World War II"The award was presented to all military personnel (US Army, Navy and Marine Corps) who were in military service from 12/7/1941 to 12/31/1946. Also, Congress allowed the awarding of military personnel of the government Armed Forces of the Philippines.$5.39
Defense of America MedalDefense of America Medal$5.39
Flying Merit Cross (USA)Flying Merit Cross (USA)The US Flying Cross is awarded to military personnel for high courage, heroism and outstanding achievements during air flights: participation in air battles with the manifestation of special heroism in the face of the enemy and the performance of outstanding actions during them; being held captive on enemy territory; participation in flights with the establishment of previously unreached records; participation in test and experimental flights, etc. Combat service, even the longest, against an armed enemy, is not a reason for awarding. Repeated rewarding of the award for American servicemen is provided, for example, pilot Francis S. Gabreschi was awarded 13 Crosses. In addition to the American military, it is possible to present this US military award to the officers and ratings of the allied forces. The most famous Soviet pilots - aces of the Second World Flying Cross was awarded to A.V. Vorozheikin.$5.39
Medal "Bronze Star" (USA)Medal "Bronze Star" (USA)The USA Medal "Bronze Star" is intended for military personnel, whose feat somewhat "did not reach" to be awarded the "Silver Star" for courage and heroism shown in combat conditions. Although the medal was instituted in 1944, it was also awarded to persons whose merits and exploits date back to the period from December 1941 until the moment the award was officially accepted. Anyone who, while serving in the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, distinguished himself by heroic achievement or dignified service during military operations against the enemies of the United States, can be awarded the "Bronze Star"$5.39
Medal Purple Heart (USA)Medal Purple Heart (USA)The Purple Heart Medal in the United States is awarded to any military personnel injured during hostilities. Also, this award is presented to the US Army posthumously. Initially, this Regulation extended exclusively to military operations, since 1984, the Purple Heart award began to be awarded to those who were injured or killed as a result of terrorist attacks.$5.39
Military cross (France)Military cross (France)The military cross is an award that was awarded for distinction to both commanders and privates for distinction in battle and accomplishment of a feat. In addition to the military personnel of the regular army, the Military Cross in France could be awarded to French and foreign civilians, as well as to paramilitary personnel and persons who did not receive the Legion of Honor or Military Medal, whose heroic deed was officially confirmed.$7.01
Naval Cross (USA)Naval Cross (USA)United States Award - The Naval Cross is intended to honor the United States Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps personnel for particular courage and heroism, fraught with the risk of their lives, and shown during hostilities against the enemy of the United States; during military conflicts with numerically superior armed forces of foreign states; during joint hostilities with allied forces against a common enemy.$5.39
Order "Legion of Honor" USA, 4th degreeOrder "Legion of Honor" USA, 4th degreeThe 4th degree of the Legion of Honor is intended to be awarded exclusively to US military personnel, regardless of military service or rank, but it is most often awarded to senior officers. In appearance, the badge of the order, up to the size, is identical to the officer's degree, with the exception of the absence of a reduced copy of the award on the ribbon.$8.62
Order of the Bath (Star of the Knight Grand Cross)Order of the Bath (Star of the Knight Grand Cross)$9.70
Order of the Legion of Merit, USA 1st Class (Chief Commander)Order of the Legion of Merit, USA 1st Class (Chief Commander)The Order of the Legion of Merit, also called the Order of the Legion of Honor, is an American award of World War II, established at its height, in 1942, July 20, in four degrees, although the project of such an award has been considered since 1937.$8.62
Partisan Star (Yugoslavia)Partisan Star (Yugoslavia)The Partisan Star of Yugoslavia, one of the first military awards of the republic, was established in three degrees in 1943, on August 15, by the Order of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief Josip Broz Tito to award the soldiers of the People's Liberation Army and fighters of partisan detachments. The first degree of the Order of the Partisan Star (with a gold wreath) was intended to be awarded for outstanding services in the fight against fascism and skillful command, the second (with a silver wreath) - for the personal feat of a warrior, the Partisan Star of the third degree (with guns) - for self-sacrifice and bravery.$5.39
Silver Star Medal (USA)Silver Star Medal (USA)The Silver Star medal can be awarded to servicemen of all branches of the US military, who are in any rank and occupy any position, who have shown special heroism and personal courage, but there is no possibility of submitting them to the Medal of Honor and its equivalent awards. The heroism and courage that served as the reason for the award can be shown during hostilities against military opponents of the United States$5.39
Star 1939-1945 (UK)Star 1939-1945 (UK)Star 1939-1945 (1939 1945 Star) was established in 1943, August 8, to be awarded to military personnel who participated in hostilities or served for a certain time in the army outside the territory of Britain. It was one of the most massive in terms of the number of awards.$7.01
USA Air MedalUSA Air MedalThe US Air Force Medal can be awarded to any serviceman, regardless of the type of military service, distinguished by any achievement during an air flight. In addition to pilots, privates whose combat duties include regular flights of non-passenger status, or persons from among the crew members who have committed a heroic act, may be nominated for the award. The general criteria for awarding the US Battle Medal are: three downed enemy aircraft, the destruction of a warship, 25 combat missions or 100 tactical sorties.$5.39
Victoria CrossVictoria CrossThe British Victoria Cross is awarded for unparalleled courage, bravery and self-sacrifice in the face of the enemy, and for selfless dedication to military duty. Both military personnel and civilians serving under the military command can be awarded. A nomination for awarding, as a rule, is submitted by an officer of the rank not lower than a regiment commander, in the navy - by the commander of a ship or formation, and it must be certified by at least three witnesses of a heroic act and approved by the Minister of Defense.$5.39
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